Manufacturing environment

Learning from past experience with different contaminant and variation of forming conditions, we built our ampoule forming rooms within a completely sealed environment. We are committed to maintaining a clean environment in our forming rooms. Outdoor air is filtered, and ventilation is automatically controlled.

Our ampoule forming rooms are completely sealed.

Completely sealed ampoule forming room

Bottom-cutting mold

Ampoule appearance inspection room

Production System

Our ampoules are formed using blow molding. In the past, this process was highly dependent on workers skills, making it extremely difficult to ensure consistent high quality production. However, we have now improved our forming machines to minimize dependence on workers skills.
For example, our patented current production system automatically controls ampoules dimensions and data for flame-adjustment using a computer. This allows easy operation of the molding machines.

Extrusion molding

Extension forming machine

Bottom-cutting mold

Bottom-cutting forming machine

Extrusion molding process

Extrusion molding process

Bottom-cutting molding process

Bottom-cutting molding process

The control room manages ampoule dimensions and other data in real time.

Control room manages ampoules dimensions and other data on time basis

Processing Technologies

We offer a wide range of processing technologies to meet our customers' diverse needs. Our processing of glass containers ensures reduction of alkali dissolution into the drug solution and prevention of drug product adhesion to the container, especially when micro-doses are used.


We promote paper-free packaging. This not only helps our customers reduce cleanup after unpacking the containers but also prevents dust contamination during transport. We offer plastic cases packaging as well as pallet containers loaded on plastic pallets.

Packing in plastic case

Packaging of ampoules in a plastic case